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Mark VII Details Newsletter

Raising the Bar for Service

Downtime is the greatest enemy of carwash profitability. That’s the reason durability and excellent service are always high on the list of requirements when carwash owners evaluate new equipment.

Both Mark VII and our parent company, WashTec, recognize the importance of responsive, professional service. In this article, I would like to update you on the initiatives we are implementing to improve further the service we provide to Mark VII customers. It’s one way we’re pursuing our number-one goal—providing maximum customer benefit. Read more

Supplying the "Chocolate on the Pillow"

Bringing a new business concept to life always comes with a long punch list of decisions. For Kore Jana, senior business development manager at the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), those decisions often involve selecting the right business partner. Read more

ShineTecs® Takes Its Place at the Top

ShineTecs is a product that can highlight your top wash package. Traditionally, protectants have been the hero driving sales of the top packages. So, for example, that top package would be soap, a traditional tri-color foam, a surface protectant and dry. Not a bad package, until something better comes along. That “something” is ShineTecs. Read more

Tennessee Carwash Customers Love ChoiceWash XT®

A 38-year veteran of the wholesale food industry and an entrepreneur who built his first carwash in 1986, Don Bailey knows how to make informed business decisions. That’s why he’s chosen Mark VII units for his carwash locations in Union City and Martin, Tennessee. Read more

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