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Technology Evolution Leads to SoftLine Tunnel

While the act of cleaning a vehicle may seem straightforward, nothing could be further from the truth. Creating a machine to do the work of human hands, then adapting it to account for vehicles of every shape and size, calls for constant technical innovation. Read more


Mark VII Helps Mercedes Look Their Best

When your tagline is, “The best or nothing,” the bar is high. That’s why Mercedes Benz of Denver chose Mark VII Equipment to help them maintain high standards of customer service. Read more


Durability, Wash Quality... and a Little Show

Entrepreneurs enter the carwash business for many reasons. For Keyur Patel, that reason was both personal and practical. “I owned a motel, and washed my car down the street,” he recalls. “We had an old section of the motel that we were going to take down, and I thought, ‘If I need to wash my car, there must be other people like me.’ So, we built a carwash.” Read more


Let ShineTecs® Tri-Foam Light Up Your Profits

When we developed our new ShineTecs Tri-Foam chemical, our goal was to transform a proven up-sell feature that was all show, but no substance, by adding tangible value that customers continue to see after they leave the carwash. Based on customer feedback, we achieved our objective. No other chemical on the market provides a hand-wax-quality shine equal to ShineTecs Tri-Foam in an automatic carwash. And it can deliver that added value via any triple foam application system. Read more

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