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Maximize Your Investment with Total Carwash Care

Sometimes, the best way to make a point is by creating a hypothetical situation. Let’s say you’re going to buy a high-performance car—say a Maserati or Ferrari. Not a small investment. The salesperson gives you a price, and explains that you’ll also need an annual maintenance plan. The manufacturer’s plan is guaranteed to significantly improve performance and extend the life of your vehicle. In contrast, after market plans are available for less—which is exactly what you’ll receive in performance. What do you choose? Read more.


California Customers Love the Choice

Since Mike Zarp purchased his Mr. Suds carwash in Upland, California in 2002, he’s always had Mark VII equipment. But two new additions in the past two years have taken business to a new level. Read more.



 ChoiceWash XT Keeps Cars in Mint Condition

A simpler life. That’s what Matt Fehr was looking for when he made the decision to jump into the carwash business. “My partner, Jim Niedringhaus and I, bought our wash in 2016,” he says. “I was the owner of a Great Harvest Bread Company store and was looking for an exit strategy. We had 25 employees and I wanted to minimize staff management responsibilities.” Read more.


Carwashes Were a Family Affair

Jake Downey can’t really remember life without a carwash in it. The Northeast regional service leader for Mark VII, Jake and his six siblings grew up in the business—literally. Read more.



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