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SoftLine²® tunnel

Tailored solutions
for every site.

Mix and match components to fit your wash volume, space available and customer requirements. We work with you through the entire process - planning, installation and ongoing operation.

SoftLine²® tunnel

No two tunnel sites are the same, and each has unique considerations related to space, throughput and equipment selection. Mark VII's modular approach allows you to configure the perfect solution for your tunnel's unique requirements.


SoftLine² Vario:

The tunnel system for every need.

Whether you have a shorter tunnel requiring space-saving equipment or a longer tunnel with room for lots of revenue-generating options, SoftLine² Vario makes it possible. Choose from a wide variety of modular components to configure your tunnel to match your available space, wash volume and customer expectations.

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SoftLine2 Compact:

The mini-tunnel solution.

Ideal for short bays, SoftLine2 Compact is the perfect choice for rollover bays with higher volume potential. Choose from a variety of available components optimized to deliver the best results over a short distance.

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Modular design:

A tunnel system as unique as your business. 

It doesn't get more flexible than this. Whether you want a basic solution or all the bells and whistles, SoftLine2 can be customized to your exact specifications. 

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To see all SoftLine² videos visit our YouTube channel.

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