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A Case for the Books:

The Daddy Frank's Story

“I was so disappointed,” says Doug. “. . . so were my customers!” Having just installed the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT in November of 2018, this beautiful April morning seemed to kick-off an active carwash season in Canyon Lake. Doug was ready for it. “I’d already gotten such great comments from my rapidly growing customer base,” says Doug. “‘So clean,’” they said. One lady even got out of her car that fateful Sunday morning to personally tell Doug, “This is the absolute best carwash I’ve ever been in — I’ll be back.” Exactly what Doug needed to hear! After all, he got into the business to provide a service to his community.

Doug, wife Linda, and twin boys Drake and Derek own and operate Dallis Refrigeration of Texas next door to Daddy Frank’s. One day about three years ago, Doug noticed the previous owner walking out front of the carwash, For Sale sign in-hand. “That sign never made it into the ground,” says Doug. “I really just had my eye only on the property — I knew nothing about carwashes. Next . . . I’m pretty good at tinkering, so I started fixing things and cleaning things up. Area residents really started noticing the improvement and I was enjoying all the tinkering and cleaning.

Then, at the suggestion of the previous owner (“You really need to go automatic”) and another fellow carwash friend (“Get in touch with Mark VII”), he took the next step. Wendy Herndon, Central and South Texas, Direct Sales for Mark VII says, “What started out as a chunk of property for Doug has become a life’s passion. He’s such a delight to work with.”

Doug’s carwash career is still in its infancy, but he’s looking forward to hosting a Mark VII grand opening, beefing up marketing efforts and negotiating a few fleet partnerships with local law enforcement and service companies. Doug’s mantra for the future success of Daddy Frank’s is: Keeping It Clean, Watch & Listen. “I have an advantage — I can monitor my operation from my business next door,” says Doug. “And now that I know what well-functioning carwash equipment looks and sounds like — I can stay on top of it. It’s nice to be accessible to my customers, too.”

“Maybe next year I’ll buy another carwash,” says Doug. “Right now, though, Linda has asked me to take a break from another purchase. My ultimate plan is to turn over the refrigeration business to my boys, buy 

another carwash, semi-retire and concentrate on keeping TWO Daddy Frank’s running — I would really love that."


Daddy Frank’s is named in memory of Doug’s grandfather who retired from the U.S. Air Force, moved to Canyon Lake, and ran Frank’s Place—a popular bait, tackle and food store for 28 years. Frank drove a 1971 Buick Riviera. When Doug purchased “Daddy Sam’s Classic Car Wash” last November, he modified the signage by changing Sam’s to Frank’s and switching the photo of a classic pickup to one of his granddad’s beloved Riviera. A nice tribute!

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