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A Milestone for Mark VII and Circle K

A Milestone for Mark VII and Circle K

The strong partnership between WashTec/Mark VII and Circle K marked a significant milestone July 30 with the grand opening of the 1,000th carwash reload, a worldwide initiative that started in 2015. A brand-new Circle K store in Irvine, California, was the site of the celebration.

“We have had a very productive partnership with WashTec/Mark VII since 2015,” notes Lars Hecht, Global Lead Senior Category Director for Circle K. “Though we’re celebrating the 1,000th installation, we’ve already moved well past that number. Our worldwide count is now up to 1,162.”

Lars notes that today, Circle K carwash installations in North America are split 50/50 between soft-touch and touch-free units. “Our strategy going forward is to install either SoftWash or ChoiceWash units,” Lars explains, “With just one exception, that has been our approach globally for the past three years. The foam brushes now used by WashTec/Mark VII have eliminated the damage concerns associated with older cleaning technologies.”

Of course, the primary concern with every carwash installation is providing every customer with a high-quality wash.

“We aim to provide every customer with a ‘Clean-Dry- Shiny Car,’” Lars states. “That’s why we always install spot-free wash water in our carwashes. We work with our specific CDS Operational Manual that contains the CDS specification and, at Circle K, we always prefer quality over quantity.

“When it comes to chemicals (also provided by Mark VII) we are very environmentally focused,” he continues. “In addition to meeting our CDS specification, we like to ensure that the chemicals we use are environmentally-friendly and of the highest quality. We have used WashTec/MarkVII chemicals in Europe for years for two reasons:

1) environmental adherence and 2) ShineTec´s truly outstanding results. Furthermore, we monitor our consumption carefully to protect the environment, save energy and minimizing our OPEX cost. We also use state-of-the art equipment that is energy efficient. WashTec/Mark VII delivers on all of our Circle K value requirements.

And the Feeling Is Mutual . . .

“When it comes to number of sites, Circle K is the number #1 carwash player in North America having nearly three times the number of sites as the second-place convenience store chain,” says Ryan Beaty, WashTec/Mark VII’s Executive Vice President of Key Accounts for North America. “This is a very proud achievement for us and, as a global company, we value our great relationship with Circle K.”

Why is the Circle K relationship so important to WashTec/Mark VII? Arthur Wessels, Executive Vice President of Global Key Accounts for WashTec/Mark VII, offers a little interesting history on the relationship and why it is so important. “Circle K has been a global player and WashTec customer in Europe for many years. There, Circle K acquired several convenience store networks before acquiring Stat Oil of Scandinavia in the summer of 2015. Stat Oil had been a global key account for WashTec/Mark VII since the beginning of the 1990s.”

According to Arthur, who is located in the global headquarters of WashTec/Mark VII at Augsburg, Germany, near Munich in Bavaria, the importance of the relationship can be best realized from two perspectives:

1. Circle K is a global key account who truly operates globally — in several countries/regions in Europe, unlike other global accounts focused on only Europe or North America or Asia, but not all of them.

2. Circle K has an extremely professional focus on the carwash portion of their business. They have dedicated carwash management from both a global and a regional perspective. And WashTec/Mark VII — the world market leader in carwash — is their sole supplier globally.

What both Ryan and Arthur appreciate most about the company’s relationship with Circle K is the openness shared between the two companies. This open relationship benefits from great interactive discussions, opinion-sharing and advice on:

• Network management from a retail perspective. “With their retail motives, Circle K is really able to drive the business in a very different way, a professional way, a way which enables them to increase their future carwash business,” says Arthur. “What’s good for Circle K, is good for WashTec/Mark VII.”

• Innovative programs to develop business for the good of both parties.

So much to celebrate—the 1000th global installation and a great partnership between Circle K and WashTec/Mark VII.

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