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Aaron Edwards, Training Manager, talks best practices

Small Investment, Big Returns

Maintenance plays a critical, and often overlooked, role in the success and bottom-line profitability of every carwash. From time to time I’m asked the question, “What are the simple maintenance steps that will have the biggest impact on my carwash?” In my experience, there is a fairly short list of answers that our service technicians have observed consistently over their years of experience.

Number one, year after year: keep the bay clean. This is also the area most often overlooked. Not only does the accumulation of dirt detract from the appearance of the carwash, it can create hazardous footing conditions for customers, employees and service personnel. Trash in the bay—particularly soda cans—can cause errors in the wash that will result in a service call for the customer.

Other simple steps can help keep wash quality consistent. Check the levels in your chemical drums on a regular basis, check your spray nozzles for blockages and watch for debris on the brushes that could cause damage to vehicles. We encourage carwash managers to run a car through the top wash first thing every morning to ensure the machine is operating properly.

Another area often overlooked is equipment room organization. There is a temptation to use the equipment room as an extra storeroom. Stacks of boxes make it difficult for employees or service personnel to access the carwash equipment when necessary. In addition, stacking boxes in front of a breaker panel or air compressor is a fire code violation.

To keep equipment in peak operating condition, we recommend preventive maintenance every one-to-two months. Just as your car needs regular service to operate smoothly and avoid serious issues, a carwash requires the same care.

These are just a few simple steps that will help keep your carwash running smoothly and delivering clean cars. Word of mouth is your best advertising. When customers get a great wash in clean surroundings, word gets around and your business grows. Unfortunately, the same is true when they encounter a dirty bay and a less-than-clean vehicle. Taking the time for basic maintenance returns bottom-line benefits.

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