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Automatic Wash Increases CSI Scores

Carwash Key Ingredient in Service Success

Providing an excellent service experience for their customers has been an important ingredient in the recipe for success at Moncton Honda, a growing dealership in Moncton, New Brunswick.

In addition to servicing the roughly 2,600 new and used vehicles sold annually, the dealership also assists drivers as they adapt to the New Brunswick seasonal extremes.

That’s one reason Moncton Honda is expanding their facility from 19,000 to 40,000 square feet, adding eight service and two detailing bays.

For more than a decade, an automatic carwash has been part of their service strategy. “Our carwash is primarily a customer experience tool for us,” John notes. “Members of our Benefit Service Club get a carwash every time they come in. In our busiest season, we can do 120 washes a day, so the carwash never stops.”

When their original wash became unreliable three years ago, the search began for a replacement. “We went to the NADA convention, and the machine that fit us best was the SoftWash XT®,” John recalls “There were a lot of things we liked about it. Having the chemicals onboard was a big plus, because we had a small building and that freed up a lot of space.

“We also liked the fact that we could set a couple of different levels of wash,” he continues. “We use a quick wash for our Benefit Club members, which delivers a nice, clean car. Then, we can also do a high-level exterior wash, including the wheel wash. We use that level for our demonstrators, our company cars and any cars going out for a test drive. It puts a beautiful shine on the car, and we never have any complaints of scratching.”

John notes that while the SoftWash XT has been basically troublefree, Mark VII was very helpful in providing a convenient source of help for those times when service is needed. “Our previous service person was three hours away, so it was nice when Mark VII sources someone local for us,” John says. “I was impressed they were willing to do that.”

Their experience has been such that when Moncton Honda expanded, they chose to add a second SoftWash XT. “The SoftWash XT does a beautiful job,” John concludes. “With the volume of business we do, being able to have customers come in and have their car nice and clean when they pick it up, raises our customer satisfaction levels. It’s been a great asset to what we try to deliver to our customers.”

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