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Building a Carwash Brand

Marketing your Carwash as an Owner

For Evo DeConcini, building a strong brand is almost as rewarding as the financial returns his carwashes deliver.

“I love marketing,” he exclaims. “One of the biggest compliments I get is when someone assumes that one of my carwashes is a franchise location when it’s a brand I’ve built from the ground up.”

From the ground up is how Evo built his Hurricane carwash, a unique dual in-bay automatic arrangement that features two Mark VII ChoiceWash XT machines. “It’s two separate buildings with vacuums in the middle,” he explains. “It’s a unique property and a unique setup, but it’s a lean, awesome facility.”

Evo’s first foray into the carwash business was a self-serve wash in partnership with his brothers in the late 80s. After his older brothers bought him out in the 90s, Evo worked in sales before re-entering the carwash world in 2008. The Hurricane wash, which opened in 2012, is one of four carwashes he now operates. He’s proud of both his Hurricane and Dynamite brands, and notes that the quality of the equipment plays a big role in the success of the brand.

“I’ve gone through a merry-go-round of equipment with my washes, and the Mark VII equipment is good,” Evo states. “They’re tough and they work. But the key is the relationship we have with Mark VII. We buy our chemicals from them so that we get the best service we can from qualified technicians.

“Finding that right relationship is something we prioritize,” he continues. “Our sales rep, Keith Gronau, has worked for Mark VII forever and gives us great service. The techs are awesome and, our lead technician, Ryan runskill, is hardworking, talented and reliable. He understands our pain as operators.”

It’s obvious Evo takes great pride in his carwash brands, and he’s pleased to have a partner with the same focus. “I’m really pleased with their commitment to excellence,” he says of Mark VII. “Working with them directly has been a breath of fresh air.”

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