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Carwashes Key in Growing Business

Growing sales in the C-store business

Growth in the C-store business has been a process for Ahmad Shehadeh — one that has picked up speed in the past few years. “My brother and I bought our first C-store in 1997,” he recalls. “We were adding a store every three or four years until 2012, when we became fuel wholesalers. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly but done it in a smart way so we don’t lose control.”

Today the Shehadehs operate 13 stores in South Florida. Six of those stores have carwashes, and four of those feature Mark VII units.

“We purchased our first store with a carwash in 2016,” Ahmad recalls. “It needed new equipment when we bought it. Because we were new to the business and Ryko was the dominant player in the area, we went with the flow and bought a friction machine from Ryko.

We did the same thing in our second location in 2017.

“To tell you the truth, I never liked the look of the Ryko,” he continues. “It looks like a stone-age machine. One day, my wife told me the 7-Eleven® down the street had a very nice carwash. I said, ‘Ok, I’m going to look at it.’ It was a Mark VII and the rest is history.”

Ahmad notes that his sales representative, Steve Collins, played a major role in helping him make the decision to change carwash suppliers.

“Steve didn’t show up just to sell us a machine,” he says. “He has been open minded and very helpful in designing the right machine for each location. The whole Mark VII team clearly want us to succeed.”

Quality and service

The Shehadehs now feature SoftWash XT units in three of their locations. Their latest carwash received a ChoiceWash XT. “From an operator’s point of view, I appreciate the flexibility of the machines — the ability to have them programmed the way you want them,”

Ahmad states. “Their chemical program is also very good, the wash quality is excellent and our customers are very happy.

“I knew about the quality of the SoftWash XT, but I didn’t expect Mark VII to be so strong in touch free washes,” he adds, speaking of the ChoiceWash XT. “The pressure of the water and the final look of the car is very good when the touch-free option is chosen.”

Ahmad admits he was initially concerned about obtaining reliable service for the machines, but he adds that those initial fears proved groundless.

“Service is the most important feature I look for in a carwash, and I was afraid of moving ahead with Mark VII for that reason because Ryko had so many technicians in the area,” he explains. “But they have really been up to the task, and we have had technicians here within two hours of our call. I am very pleased with the level of service I’m receiving.”

Ahmad is convinced that he made the right move after taking a look at that first Mark VII carwash. “Going with Mark VII was one of the best decisions I’ve made— 100%,” he concludes. “I’ve already recommended Mark VII to three of my friends who installed them in their washes, and they are very happy. They call me an official Mark VII rep now.”

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