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Carwashes Key in Growing Business

Growing sales in the C-store business

Han-Dee Hugo’s is a familiar name to North Carolina residents. The chain opened its first store 30 years ago and has since grown to include 87 locations covering the state from Lexington on the west to the Atlantic Ocean. The origins of this family-owned business can be traced back to 1936.

“I’m the fourth generation,” states Manly Clark, assistant director of operations. “My great grandfather started the company as an oil transport company, the Sampson-Bladen Oil Company. We opened our first Han-Dee Hugo’s in 1980 and added our first carwash in 1993.”

Today, the chain boasts 21 carwashes, three of which now contain Mark VII ChoiceWash XT® units. The first was installed in the Raleigh area a year ago and two more were just put in this April — one in Raleigh and the second in Clayton.

“The ChoiceWash XT solved the dilemma of whether to install a touch-free or friction wash with a machine that offers both,” Manly says. “We’ve seen significant growth in our numbers from the previous year with that first unit.”

Aggressive marketing helps customers fall in love with new carwash installations. “We offer free carwashes for a week when we put in a new wash,” Manly explains. He adds that they cross-market to help drive convenience store business, offering customers a 20-cent/gallon discount on fuel when they choose the top wash.

Manly notes that cost is always a primary factor when selecting a new carwash, but other considerations also factored into the decision to choose the ChoiceWash XT.

“We were looking for a way to reduce our water use and to give our customers more options,” he concludes. “We were able to accomplish both with this unit and the customer feedback has been positive. Plus, we’ve gotten great service from our sales representative, Brandon Burk, and their installers. Mark VII is just easy to work with.”

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