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Chemical Manager Randy Wingert explains how

ShineTecs Takes Its Place at the Top

In our last issue, I introduced you to ShineTecs Tri- Foam, a product that delivers a lot more than a great show. As more carwashes try ShineTecs®, the positive reviews keep rolling in. The latest comes from one of the highest-volume tunnels in the state of Texas. They can’t say enough good things about the performance of the product.

ShineTecs is a product that can highlight your top wash package. Traditionally, protectants have been the hero driving sales of the top packages. So, for example, that top package would be soap, a traditional tri-color foam, a surface protectant and dry. Not a bad package, until something better comes along. That “something” is ShineTecs.

Why does ShineTecs deserve to be the star of your top package? While a protectant does deliver value, there is no visual element. It’s just a protectant. ShineTecs, on the other hand, delivers both a customer-pleasing display and a hand wax quality shine. It changes the appearance of your car.

In the carwash business, when you can find a point of differentiation, you’ve figured out a way to set yourself apart from the competition and increase revenue. ShineTecs Tri-Foam is that differentiator. As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, ShineTecs is designed to run through standard tri-foam application systems and can be expertly installed and running in less than an hour.

Make ShineTecs the hero of your carwash. Contact me at 720-448-6796, and we’ll put ShineTecs to work building your business.