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Chemical Manager Randy Wingert introduces

Tri-Foam That Delivers More Than Color

Our goal at Mark VII is to maximize the benefit our customers receive from working with us. Providing the best carwash equipment in the industry is only the first step in accomplishing that goal. We want to help you fully utilize that equipment by driving the growth of your carwash business.

That’s the reason we’ve developed our Total Carwash Care program. The Total Carwash Care program addresses three key areas that fuel carwash business growth:

1. Expert service. The first key to business growth is having a carwash that is up and running—and running properly—when customers want to use it. We offer a variety of preventive maintenance plans structured to match your wash volume and specific requirements. If you do encounter problems, our priority service plans, backed by a nationwide team of service technicians, ensure that you’re back up and running quickly.

2. High performance chemicals. Our equipment attracts and entertains your customers, but our chemicals deliver the cleaning results they’re looking for. We offer both our high-performance Total Carwash Care products and products from some of the most respected and trusted brand names in the car care industry. Our factory-trained chemical specialists will calibrate your chemicals to match the seasonal cleaning requirements at your carwash.

3. Retail marketing. Your best potential carwash customers are the people who already patronize your business. Whether your business is a convenience store, auto service center, standalone retail carwash or vehicle dealership, our on-site marketing program is designed to convert existing customers to carwash customers, then encourage them to trade up to your premium wash packages.

We will customize a marketing strategy that fits your business, customers and location. From in-store and outdoor signage to floormats and special limited-time promotions, we will provide it all. Our campaigns are designed to increase both carwash volume and income per vehicle. Carwash business growth is certainly the top advantage of our Total Carwash Care program. But there is also the peace of mind of having three key areas of your carwash—service, chemicals and marketing—bundled in one convenient package and professionally executed. For more information about our Total Carwash Care program, visit our website,, or contact me at 720-448-6796.