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Protecting Your Investment

One of our goals at Mark VII is to help ensure carwash owners see Mark VII service technicians as seldom as possible—aside from routine maintenance. With that said, it’s also important to have a good relationship with your technicians for those times when their services are needed.

David Pelaez, western regional service leader for Mark VII and a 10-year carwash service veteran, has a few simple suggestions to minimize service calls and help resolve issues more quickly when they arise.

“My number one suggestion—and owners will have heard this before— is to have a basic understanding of your machine,” David says. “For example, what is the gantry, where is the power and the water to the machine? With a knowledge of the unit, they may be able to describe a problem to us that we can resolve over the phone. That saves the owner time and us a trip.”

David also advises owners to wash their cars first thing in the morning. “What you see for machine performance and wash quality is what the customer is going to see,” he notes. “Also, if you know what the machine looks like performing a normal wash, you’ll be able to spot when something isn’t working correctly.”

The early morning wash is also a good way to verify—or call into question—customer complaints, he adds. “Make sure that what the customer says happened is actually happening, and not a result of something they did.”

No matter where a carwash is located, there are seasonal transitions. “Here in California, cars come into the wash at 110 degrees in the summer,” David says. “So, we don’t use hot water and we adjust the equipment to speed up the passes and shorten the dwell time of the soap, which gets the cars cleaner. In winter, we change the soaps and adjust the programming to produce that same clean vehicle. Making those adjustments is important if you want to keep the machine running top notch, producing clean, shiny, dry cars.”

Think security

No one knows this better than an owner, but a carwash is a significant investment. In addition to regular maintenance, there are some other steps to take to protect that investment.

“With security systems becoming more affordable and easier to maintain, many owners are installing video cameras in their carwashes,” David says. “Not only does it help deter vandalism, but it documents everything that occurs at the wash. That is a great asset when customer-related incidents occur.”

David adds that carwashes without attendants on duty 24 hours a day might benefit from adding doors to close off their bays, if they don’t already have them. “We see transients seeking shelter in carwashes,” he explains. “They will vandalize, unplug things to use outlets, turn on water faucets. They’re looking for a place to get out of the weather, but it can cost you downtime and repairs.”

And, last but not least, David recommends building a good relationship with your service technicians. “We’re here to help you,” he concludes. “Good communication and a positive relationship will allow us to head off problems and resolve many issues without downtime and, many times, without a service visit. That’s a good investment.”

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