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Donna Scott Gives Back with

A Carwash That Cares

It all began with a call to the Robertson County Board of Education. The call came from Donna Scott wondering how she might go about donating some school supplies to the school district. From there, a heart for children and their teachers, a gift for couponing and a carwash have come together to make a difference in a school district and community.

Donna and her husband, Shane, purchased the Buzz In Auto Wash in Springfield, Tennessee, in 2014. From the start, they wanted to use a portion of the business proceeds to benefit the community. Over the past two years, Donna has used those funds, and a high-level commitment to couponing, to deliver an impressive quantity of school supplies to the school district.

“I’ve always had a heart for kids,” Donna states. “I have friends who were teachers, and I’d hear their stories—about parents who can’t afford to buy supplies for their kids and teachers using their own money to make sure their students have them. Teachers can impact kids’ lives forever. I want them to go into the classroom and teach, not worry about school supplies. So, my goal is to take that concern away.”

Lisa Cobb, Parent/School Homeless Liaison for the school district, notes that Donna has made a significant difference. “My job, basically, is to care about families who struggle,” she explains. “One of the most basic needs these families and children have is school supplies. Through her donations, Donna has helped equip more than 100 classrooms and almost 500 children with supplies. Not only is that great for children, families and teachers, but it means that I can use the resources I have to meet other needs.”

Lisa notes that the Scotts’ business is an asset to Springfield in another way as well. “Her business is always so neat and squeaky clean,” she says. “That corner has never been better kept than it is with the Scotts there.”

Donna and Shane are in the process of renovating their carwash, which features two SoftWash XT® machines and four self-serve bays. “We’re installing Unitec Sentinel® machines, so we’ll be able to offer a wash club and do fundraising for the schools,” Donna says.

“I do get some people who use the carwash because of what we do for the schools, but that’s not the point,” 

Donna concludes. “I like the idea that I’m helping people who will probably never be my customers. It’s amazing what one carwash can do for a community. It doesn’t have to be huge. You can provide uniforms for a baseball team or 200 boxes of crayons for a school. Just make a decision to give back and pick something that is close to your heart. I love this quote from Brennan Manning, ‘In every encounter, we either give life or drain it; there is no neutral exchange.’”