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Fred Misheal, carwash owner, explains how

Twin Tunnels Power Canadian Carwash

Visually, the Auto Spa carwash in Mississauga, Ontario, is very different from any other — and that is intentional. So was the selection of two Mark VII SoftLine2 tunnel wash systems to occupy the brand-new building. 

“Our goal was a bright, open concept wash that didn’t feel claustrophobic,” explains Auto Spa vice president of operations Fred Misheal. “This certainly doesn’t have that ‘haunted house’ feel.”

As to the decision to install SoftLine2 systems, Fred says the process began with the question, “How do they wash cars in Europe?” and progressed to a trip to Germany to see both (Mark VII’s parent) WashTec’s factory and the SoftLine2 units in action. “We couldn’t see it anywhere else, because ours was the first SoftLine2 system in North America,” Fred notes. “Ultimately, we chose this system after a lot of research because it delivers a better wash than any other equipment.” 

The new carwash is the company’s second location, and offers exterior washes, express and fine detailing, window tinting and other services. There is also a Jiffy Lube® on site. Fred notes the new building was designed for the benefit of both customers and employees.“ We greatly improved the traffic flow, and we did an ergonomic study to make it easier for employees to deliver a high level of service with less fatigue.”

Everything about the Auto Spa is intended to give customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else, and that includes the wash itself. “The linear design and precision technology delivers a wash that is unique to every vehicle,” Fred states. “The high pressure contour arch, for example, follows the shape of the car exactly from the front bumper to the back, and the nozzles rotate to clean under the rear spoilers.

"The movement of the brushes is superb," he continues. "All the sensors prevent damage to both the car and the wash. You have the ability to change the speed of the wash on the fly—infinite possibilities. The SoftLine2 system is well thought out, designed and built. And the high-quality wash is accomplished using less energy and water than our previous systems. We watch our customers go through the wash, and we get a lot of ‘thumbs-ups’ at the end. They’re happy, and they’re bringing other people into the carwash." 

Fred was present for every step of the installation process, which only confirmed the decision to go with Mark VII.“ Everything was on schedule, and they were very helpful,” he recalls. “The support and commitment starts with the management team and continues to the service techs. My experience was amazing. They are focused on serving us well, and I believe it is a recipe for success for both of us.”

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