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Harold Miller

Dependability Key to Mark VII Selection

“It was all about the durability and the setup of the machine.”

That’s Harold Miller, operations manager for Car Nation Canada Direct in Burlington, Ontario, talking about his decision to purchase a Mark VII Softwash DF for the dealership. “I did my research and due diligence,” Harold relates. “I felt comfortable with Mark VII and Tim Hickton, our Mark VII sales person, is very good. He helped me make the decision to go forward with the Softwash.”

Car Nation has several locations throughout the area, but this particular dealership sells only pre-owned vehicles. “We have about 600 vehicles on the lot, and we’ll sell about 200 of them each month,” Harold notes. “We use the carwash to prepare vehicles for the lot and then for delivery after a sale.”

The SoftWash DF was installed in December 2017, immediately addressing one of Harold’s initial concerns. “Where we have the machine is not a big space,” he says. “We don’t have a tall ceiling. But we were able to get it in there and it works just fine. I also wanted an onboard dryer, and a lot of other companies didn’t provide that.”

Harold reports that he’s pleased with the wash quality of the new machine. “It’s been very good, and if I have an issue, I call and the guys are right here. The service is pretty unique,” he says. “In fact, I just talked to Tim because we’re considering putting a Mark VII in at another of our locations.”

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