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Introducing the SoftLine2 Tunnels

Revolutionary Cleaning Now in North America

It’s not really accurate to describe the dynamic SoftLine2 cleaning technology as brand new. While it’s true the dual tunnel installation you can read about on page 2 is the first in North America, our parent company, WashTec, has installed hundreds of SoftLine2 Tunnels around the world.

What is completely accurate is that the level of cleaning delivered by a SoftLine2 tunnel is unlike anything you’ll find in the U.S. or, until recently, Canada. The SoftLine2 is a Linear Technology tunnel system featuring German engineering. What makes this system so unique is the contouring technology that allows the wash to adapt to the shape of each vehicle that enters.

Contouring allows the brushes to maintain consistent contact because they follow the vehicle as it moves down the conveyor. The high-pressure wash and drying equipment also contour the vehicle shape precisely, providing the best possible rinsing of the vehicle and unparalleled drying. The SoftLine2 system is very utility-friendly, cutting the electricity needed for drying by two-thirds and dramatically reducing water usage.

Whatever the requirements of your situation, Mark VII has a SoftLine2 system that will meet your needs. The SoftLineCompact is perfect for convenience stores and as a retrofit unit for in-bay automatic washes, while the SoftLinecan be adapted to match your available space—all the way up to an Express tunnel with all the revenue-producing options to drive carwash success.

From engineering to sales and support, Mark VII has put a dedicated team in place exclusively committed to the Mark VII tunnel products. Contact me at 770-331-4737 to find out more about the SoftLine2 tunnel system or take a look at the map on the back page of the Winter issue to find the Mark VII representative near you. 

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