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Jake Downey provides tips for

An Ounce of Prevention

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There’s an old saying—“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s true for our health, and it’s just as true for the health of your carwash. While Mark VII units are designed for durability and trouble-free service, they still benefit from regular attention. Jake Downey, northeast regional service leader for Mark VII, notes that simply being observant is one of the best ways to keep things running smoothly.

“I joke with carwash owners that a carwash is not a Coke® machine,” Jake says. “One of the main things I recommend is that you simply watch and listen to your carwash. Know what it should look like and sound like when it’s working properly. Then you’ll be able to catch things when they’re not quite right. At a minimum, check it once in the morning and once before you leave at night.”

Whether you live in the Northeast, where carwashes remove frozen slush and road salt for several months out of the year, or sunny Florida, your business still has seasons. Just as Daylight Savings Time serves as a reminder to check your fire alarm batteries, the change of seasons is a very good time to take a close look at your carwash.

“One of the things that many people overlook is the pit,” Jake points out. “Make sure you clean it out before you head into your busy season. That’s especially true here in the Northeast, where we wash off all the salt and sand. I’m looking at a pit right now that’s full halfway over the discharge pipe, so that’s going to be an issue in a couple of weeks.”

Now that spring has arrived, cold-climate carwashes will need to change to summer chemicals and brushes. Though it’s not a concern now, there are also some key areas to check well before winter hits. “Heaters and doors are the two areas that you really want to check before you’re surprised by that first cold spell,” Jake says.

Finally, neatness counts. Jake recommends the “mom test” to assess how inviting a carwash appears. “Would your mother want to use it?” he asks. “Is it clean, neat and well organized, or dingy and dirty? Keep it clean and check your lights regularly so people aren’t afraid to use it.”

While Mark VII service technicians are always available if trouble should hit, Jake notes that they’re also happy to schedule a once-over for your carwash just after or right before your busy season. “We’d be glad to take a look at your equipment and make sure everything is in good working condition,” he says.

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