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Jason Sunahara is

Treating Customers' Cars Like His Own

Jason Sunahara credits his entry into the carwash business, in part, to his neighbor. “Gene Miller owned 16 self-serve carwashes in the Denver metro area,” he recalls. “I had talked to him growing up, and my father, Jack Sunahara, and I had decided it was something we wanted to do. We bought land in 2002 and started looking for equipment suppliers. That’s when we first connected with Mark VII.”

Santa Fe Suds, located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, opened in July, 2003, with one automatic and three self service bays. “We have an acre of property, so the hope is to add two more self-serve bays and another automatic in the future,” Jason notes. “Our self-serve bays are crazy busy, averaging between 5,000 and 7,000 cars per bay each month, and we average about 1,200 cars through the automatic bay.”

After operating for the first 15 years with the original Mark VII self-serve equipment, Jason just installed a new JetWash® earlier this year, he notes. “I believe in trying to offer my customers what I would want for my car, and it was time to upgrade. The new JetWash is quiet, very compact and the direct injection setup makes it much simpler to maintain. Most importantly, it’s doing a great job on the cars.”

When an incident with a dual-wheeled vehicle in 2017 totaled their automatic wash, Jason didn’t hesitate. “Our old AquaJet GT® 700 was doing a fine job, so I didn’t have a second thought about calling Mark VII,” he recalls. “The new model is even better. I love the power wheel scrub, the power wash, the two-step pre-soak and how the air foam injection applies the chemical. It just cleans everything. Finally, the two different waxes allow us to offer the higher-end wax on the top wash.”

As the owner of Sunahara Insurance, Jason’s primary focus isn’t the carwash. Equipment dependability is crucial. “I do 95% of the maintenance myself at the car wash, and the Mark VII equipment just runs,” he says. “It’s very efficient on water and chemicals. Keith Gronau has been a tremendous help, always working to find the best, most economical solutions for us. When our automatic was taken out, we were only down 35 days until he had a new machine up and running. When we’ve had an issue, they’ve stepped up and taken care of it.”

After 15 years, Jason and his father are still happy to be in the carwash business. “When you have the right equipment, it’s low maintenance and not a lot of stress,” he concludes.

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