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Joey Cravotta, Fixed Operations Manager Mercedes Benz

Mark VII Helps Mercedes Look Their Best

When your tagline is, “The best or nothing,” the bar is high. That’s why Mercedes Benz of Denver chose Mark VII Equipment to help them maintain high standards of customer service.

Mercedes-Benz of Denver utilizes two Mark VII machines in their dealership, a Softwash XT® and a newer Softwash DF®. Their fixed operations manager, Joey Cravotta, says that the units are a key component of both their new car and service experiences.

“The Mark VII is an absolute must for the way we run our business,” Joey states. “We do customer cleans on every vehicle that comes in for service, and it’s the starting point for our detailers and for any car we sell. Without the Mark VII, we’d be lost here.”

Joey says that the dealership had the Softwash XT when he joined the company five years ago. Pleased with the performance of that unit, the company added a Softwash DF a year ago, and has appreciated the reduced wait times and wash quality it delivers.

“What we’re looking for is, first, a unit that keeps breakdowns to a minimum,” Joey says. “When we do have a problem, we appreciate the quick response we get from Mark VII. If we go down in the morning, we’re typically back up and running the same day. And, of course, we’re focused on how well and how quickly it cleans the cars.”

“Another point we like is how simple it is to operate the system,” Joey continues. “We have a high turnover among the individuals who work at our carwash, so it’s wonderful to be able to plug a new operator in there with minimal orientation.”

Ultimately, Joey says the Mark VII units meet the high standards that Mercedes-Benz customers expect. “I have been overjoyed."