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Keeping up the Good Work

Keeping up the Good Work

As another school year draws near in Springfield, Tennessee, it’s business as usual for Donna Scott. That means her time is divided between operating a successful carwash business, home-schooling a third grader and helping provide school supplies for the Robertson County School District. They’re all big jobs.

We featured Donna in our summer 2017 issue of Details. At the time, she operated the Buzz In Auto Wash in Springfield and was preparing to purchase a second carwash in Goodlettsville, about 17 miles down the road. What made Donna unique was the decision she and her husband, Shane, made when they purchased the Buzz In in 2014.

“We wanted to use a portion of the proceeds from the business to benefit the community,” Donna states. “I’ve always had a heart for kids and teachers, so that’s where we’ve focused most of our effort.

Her passion for education, coupled with her prowess for couponing and negotiating have generated incredible results. “In the six years since we got into the carwash business, we’ve been able to donate supplies with a retail value of just under $500,000,” Donna notes. “Teachers are so creative, and I love hearing how they put some of the items we donate to use in their classrooms.”

Many of these supplies are distributed through a central location, where teachers can come and “shop” for the classroom items they need. Lisa Cobb, Parent/School- Homeless Liaison for the school district is Donna’s key point of contact.

“Our district does everything it can for our teachers, but we don’t have the funding resources other districts do,” Lisa says. “Our teachers really appreciate what Donna does. I’ve witnessed her buy out the entire school supply section of a major store. We had to bring a box truck from the school to transport all that she bought for us. And she gets it for pennies on the dollar.”

Business expansion

The addition of a second carwash, a tunnel wash built in 2006, has led to some changes in Donna’s work/life balance. “The second wash has required quite a bit of attention,” she notes. “I have an individual who does some of the shopping for me now and he loves doing it.”

There have also been some changes at the Buzz In Auto Wash, necessitated by an unfortunate encounter with an oversized pickup truck.

“There was quite a bit of damage to the SoftWash XT®, so a few months ago we installed a new ChoiceWash XT®,” Donna says. “We’re still working to find the right payment system that allows us to have a great Wash Club and do a lot more with fundraisers.”

As their business grows, the Scotts continue to expand their charitable efforts. The Buzz In is the Premier Sponsor of this year’s Robertson County Back-to-School Bash. Donna contributed 1,000 backpacks that students can fill with school supplies at the event.

“There are 18 schools in our county and 15 of those are Title I schools,” Donna summarizes. “That’s why I negotiate the way I do. The better the deal I can get, the more children and teachers I can help.”

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