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Keyur Patel, Gan Auto Spa Owner

Durability, Wash Quality…and a Little Show

Entrepreneurs enter the carwash business for many reasons. For Keyur Patel, that reason was both personal and practical. “I owned a motel, and washed my car down the street,” he recalls. “We had an old section of the motel that we were going to take down, and I thought, ‘If I need to wash my car, there must be other people like me.’ So, we built a carwash.”

That was 10 years ago, and Keyur hasn’t regretted the decision. This summer, he upgraded that wash in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada, to a Mark VII ChoiceWash XT®. “We had a Ryko Radius in there before,” he says. “Some people feel a friction wash gives them a better wash, and others want the touch free. The ChoiceWash XT works for both.”

Keyur has a second carwash in Kingston with one automatic wash and 10 self-serve bays. All the bays were also recently upgraded to Mark VII equipment.

As to the ChoiceWash XT, it has been an immediate hit. “What I look for in a carwash is durability, longevity, wash quality…and aesthetics,” Keyur adds. “It has to have some show, and the ChoiceWash XT has the LED lights. People like that. I know traffic has increased since we installed it.”

Visual interest will only go so far if wash quality suffers, and Keyur notes that the ChoiceWash XT has solved a concern that some of his customers had with his old system. “People were complaining that the road film wasn’t getting peeled off,” he explains. “We needed something with a little friction. And the Mark VII two-step touchless system works well, too, for those that like touch free.”