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Kore Jana is

Supplying the "Chocolate on the Pillow"

Bringing a new business concept to life always comes with a long punch list of decisions. For Kore Jana, senior business development manager at the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA), those decisions often involve selecting the right business partner.

For the BCAA, the challenge was to build complete auto care centers from the ground up which would serve as service destinations for BCAA members. “This is an idea that got its start about 10 years ago,” Kore explains. “We’ve worked out some of the early issues, and now we’re pioneering this with five locations so far.”

The BCAA built their first location in 2014, a 10-bay shop that does everything except body work. “We wanted to take the service model one step further, to provide the ‘chocolate on the pillow,’” Kore says. “When you take your car to a dealership, the oil change or transmission service has no visual impact. But when the car comes out vacuumed, washed and looking great, the customer feels good about the service the car received. That’s what we were looking for.”

For their first location, the BCAA chose a local carwash vendor. “As we were working on our second location, we heard a few complaints about the equipment,” Kore recalls. “We began evaluating other potential partners, and Mark VII moved up the list quickly. Some of the high-end dealerships were using Mark VII machines, so that told us a lot about their quality.”

Convinced that Mark VII was the right partner, Kore convinced his management team. At the same time, he also stated that friction wash, rather than touchless, was the way to go. “As an insurance company at heart, we are risk averse,” Kore notes. “But I was impressed with the quality of the friction wash and how the machine treated the cars. So, Mark VII has been installed in our last three locations.”

With each new location a greenfield project, every new build requires engineering adjustments to the basic template. Kore has been particularly impressed with the support Mark VII has provided from an engineering perspective.

“We expect the manufacturer to be the experts on all aspects of their equipment, including building design and installation,” Kore explains. “We didn’t find that with our first supplier. When we started working with Mark VII, I was impressed not only with the speed of the answers to our engineering questions but the level of professionalism. It made my job a lot easier because I could have our contractors contact the Mark VII engineers directly. I can’t overemphasize the fact that the Mark VII engineers were readily available to answer our questions.”

Having found the right partner, BCAA now looks to the future. “We’re very happy with where we are with Mark VII,” Kore concludes. “We plan to grow to 25-plus locations in the next few years, and we have a partner who can grow with us. I’m pleased with the fact that Mark VII provides us with recommendations and suggestions that make us better, too.”