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Lauria Volkswagen -

From Labor Saver to Profit Center

Originally installed to free dealership employees from the task of washing cars, the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT has become much more than that for Lauria Volkswagen in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.

“We want to ensure an outstanding experience for our customers, so when we built our new store we took things into account like EV charging and an automated carwash,” says general manager Bud Lauria. “However, we quickly realized there was an opportunity to provide fully automated carwashes to the general public, as well. We took that next step and put a retail plan in place for the wash.”

A self-described “deep-rooted dealer kid,” Bud started sweeping floors and washing cars when he was 12 years old. “There’s not a position in the dealership I haven’t seen, so I know how important each is in the process.” The carwash, Bud notes, contributes to the dealership on three levels. “On any given day, it can be a whirlwind here,” he says. “To know that machine can deliver a quality exterior wash in a very short time when staff is busy elsewhere is nice.

“Beyond that,” Bud continues, “roughly 85 percent of the carwashes we do are retail carwashes. In our business, traffic is so important. We want to put ourselves in front of as many people as possible and talk about our wonderful product. The carwash brings traffic to our door that we wouldn’t necessarily be entitled to. With an additional 500 to 700 people driving through the lot on their way to the carwash every month, we certainly have people they can talk to if they want to look at a vehicle while they’re here.”

The final plus? The carwash provides its own revenue stream. Customers can come into the dealership to pay and receive a carwash code or use the fully automated pay station outside. “We also offer multipack carwash cards that provide a discount,” Bud adds. “Customers can use the wash every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. — even on Sunday when we’re closed.”

Perhaps most importantly, the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT delivers a wash that’s a perfect fit for Lauria Vokswagen. “Pride of ownership is a huge thing for us and our customers,” Bud concludes. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a customer call me, email me, come up to me on the street and say, ‘I heard about your carwash. I tried it and it was absolutely fantastic.’”

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