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Making Mark VII easy to do business with

Training Elevates Service Experience

This is the first of a four-part series, each addressing a critical area of our business and the steps we are taking to improve the customer experience in each of those areas. Our focus in this issue is service.

How do we deliver a better service experience to our customers? That’s a question we ask every day at Mark VII. We strengthened our commitment to outstanding service in 2018 and continue to turn that commitment into action in 2019. Our goal is to be more professional in our approach to service and more efficient in carrying out our service assignments.

To accomplish this, we identified the need to further improve our training program. We want to ensure that every member of the Mark VII Service Team has the tools and skills necessary to do their job well.

It starts with a call

Excellent service involves more than simply fixing a machine. It begins with a call to our Customer Service Center to report an issue. When a call comes in, the goal is to maximize equipment uptime by repairing it as quickly as possible and without a re-call. To ensure our customers have a positive experience, our call center representatives received training on phone etiquette and process in 2018.

The service center team is also attending workshops on customer care in 2019. These are structured to help them best use the tools they now have at their disposal. For example, all of our dispatchers can now see the precise location of our service vans and personnel. This enables them to efficiently dispatch our service technicians and provide customers with more precise arrival times. Since most of our carwashes are now connected to the dispatch center via the Internet, we are also training our customer service monitor these systems and be proactive in initiating the service process.

Point person

In 2018, we created the position of service trainer. We have more than 100 service technicians on the Mark VII staff and providing them with a high level of initial and ongoing training is a priority. Last year, more than 120 employees attended our technical training courses ranging from electrical systems through troubleshooting and tunnel maintenance.

More than 30 classes are already scheduled for 2019. Since the third quarter of 2018, we’ve also encouraged our distributors to take advantage of our training to increase the competency of their teams.

Along with this face-to-face training we’ve developed online training tools—videos, technical bulletins and manuals are available to our team. We’ve included online tests to guarantee that the technical concepts are well understood.

Finally, recognizing how critical managing van inventory is to a technician’s success, we have created tools to help our technicians manage their van stock more efficiently. Having the right parts onboard is key to achieving a first fix and maximizing uptime. With a variety of machine types to service, however, it can be challenging for the service tech to optimize inventory. These van stock management applications and our OptiVan project will help our techs manage their inventory with more efficiency and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction.

We will continue to invest in tools and training to help our customer service staff and field technicians provide service that consistently meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.