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Mark VII Carwash Convention


We welcome you to sign up for our individual classes by clicking the links below. If you would like to attend them all, please email us here, and we will get you signed up. The schedule will be as follows: 


April 15th 

9:00am MT: Larry McCarty, Carwash Best Practices

With decades of experience in carwash business management, Larry has a wealth of knowledge to share with new to industry carwash operators and seasoned veterans alike.

11:00am MT: Mike Reijonen, Roll-over Excellence

Mike Reijonen has worked with roll-over carwash equipment for his entire professional life. For convenience stores and carwash operators alike, Mike has solutions for your carwash business needs.

1:00pm MT: Luke Schoenbeck, Keys to Marketing Your Carwash

With over a decade of experience in marketing, Luke has the answers to your pressing carwash marketing questions. Luke's experience has helped countless carwashes expand their audience reach and maximize revenue with low cost marketing solutions.

3:00pm MT: Kelly Maria, Chemical Innovations

Kelly has worked with carwash owners and operators for two decades and has applied her knowledge to creating successful chemical recommendations that lead to clean, dry, shiny cars with every wash.


April 16th 

9:00am MT: Chris Armena, Canada Carwash Best Practices

Chris has lead the Mark VII Canada team for four years and over that time has successfully crafted carwash business solutions for countless carwash owners and operators.

11:00pm MT: Pierre Yves Leclercq, Tunnel Excellence

Mark VII Tunnel Manager, Pierre Yves-Leclerq, will discuss the intricacies of selecting the right tunnel equipment based on individual operator needs. Pierre will walk through the complete tunnel selection and optimization process- from first meeting to installation and continued support.

1:00pm MT: Aaron Edwards, Service Tips and Tricks

Aaron has worked on hundreds of pieces of carwash equipment over the past decade. His extensive knowledge of carwash equipment has given him insight into best practices for carwash owners to keep their equipment up and running optimally.