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Mark VII Chemical Line - best in the industry

Chemical Segment Crucial to Clean Cars

Though the Mark VII mission statement — Clean Cars — is simple and straightforward, accomplishing our mission requires a coordinated effort between three segments of our organization. Those three segments — machines, service and chemicals — all play a critical role in providing our customers, and theirs, with an outstanding experience.

The process begins with our sales and key account team. Their focus is on helping each customer select the right equipment for their situation. They take into account the market, the potential of the site, the competition and how the customer wants to differentiate themselves from that competition.

Our service team first strives to achieve the perfect installation, then forms an ongoing relationship with each customer to keep the equipment in peak operating condition.

In this article, I would like to focus on our third component, the chemical group. Their role is to choose the correct products for the local cleaning conditions. They also work with our customers to maintain inventories and coordinate the logistics of product delivery. The simple fact is that the right equipment properly installed and maintained will only deliver the best possible results when using the chemicals formulated for Mark VII machines.

Knowing this fact, we have invested significant resources in our chemical team over the past year to further improve our operations. The quality of our chemicals has been recognized as the best on the market. We know this because our biggest customers select test sites to compare our products to those of our competitors. We have consistently been rated the highest in terms of wash quality.

This is the reason Circle K® has selected us as their exclusive carwash supplier. We also work with other major chains like 7-11 and Chevron, as well as many local, regional and independent operators.

Committed to chemicals

More than 20 highly trained individuals comprise our dedicated chemical team. To support this team, we maintain warehouse and storage facilities across the country and deliver chemicals with our own fleet of trucks and drivers.

Our chemical specialists work hand-in-hand with the service team. Because service representatives are frequently onsite at customer locations, coordination between these two groups is essential. They work closely together to make any equipment and chemical adjustments necessary to consistently deliver the cleanest possible car.

One of the steps we are taking in 2020 to further strengthen this partnership is the addition of specific, in-depth training on our chemical program to the training plan of every member of the service team. Our goal is to ensure that they are all experts in our chemical program.

Finally, we are excited about the launch of our Advanced Chemical Plan for independent carwash operators. This plan will provide customers complete peace of mind regarding their chemical program. Our team will make a preliminary visit to determine the correct chemicals. Then they will manage the chemical inventory, including delivery scheduling, usage rate adjustments and empty container removal. Pricing can be based on each drum delivered or car volume.

As you can see, we are committed to maintaining a leadership position in the carwash chemical segment. We will continue to invest in the training and support necessary to ensure all three segments of our business — machines, service and chemicals — work together to deliver the cleanest cars in the industry.

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