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Mark VII Chemical Line:

How it Developed

Mark VII is proud of its cleaning product line. According to Kelly Maria, Mark VII’s Vice President of Chemical Sales and Operations, “We worked very hard to formulate the best chemical cleaning products to enhance Mark VII’s Total Carwash Care program: Care in every way — equipment, chemicals, service. We market this complete package with one end-goal in mind — to maximize revenue and profits for our customers.”

The Mark VII chemical line was created in 2016. Its effectiveness today is a result of methodical research, testing and ongoing development. “My initial months were filled with research and planning,” says Kelly, “which lead to establishing a chemical project team that included colleagues from North America and Europe. Working together we created a more focused, robust line of chemicals."

“Our goal has always been to go with products that have the greatest impact for Mark VII and our carwash customers,” she continues. “We have now developed products with the best cleaning ability out there.” The pride we take in our products can be seen in our re-branding and re-imaging of Mark VII Chemicals – labels, color coding, best practice materials, etc.

Besides the CLEANING ABILITY of its products, what else sets Mark VII apart when it comes to chemicals? Kelly believes it’s two more things: their special SHINETECS® polish product and Mark VII’s commitment to OUTSTANDING SERVICE.

ShineTecs® was developed in Germany by WashTec, Mark VII’s parent company and is blended in the United States for its North American customers. ShineTecs® is a shine and repair product. Normal driving conditions expose a vehicle to environmental factors — sun, elements, even setting a bag of groceries on the hood. These can cause fine indentations, micro-dents and scratches that dull the paint of the vehicle and prevent the reflection of light from the vehicle’s surface.

The unique acryl-ionic formula in ShineTecs® fills in these fine indentations, fosters the reflection of light off the surface and brings the shine back to the vehicle. With continuous usage, ShineTecs® will fill in the micro-dents and even out the surface. ShineTecs® produces a handwax-quality shine as part of the Mark VII wash process.

Working hand-in-hand with the company’s service team, Mark VII’s chemical team is made up of chemical technicians across North America to support all customers. These true professionals are dedicated, energetic and positive. You can expect a personal visit for help with chemical questions and concerns, and revenue and marketing solutions.

Inventory management is another area of expertise of the Mark VII service team. “We are very serious about our chemical product management,” says Kelly. “Delivery of chemicals is based on site-specific car count, which reduces the back room footprint and keeps customer costs down. We are here to manage all aspects of the chemical wash process including inventory management. If a carwash is on a chemical program, we’ll come out no less than once per quarter. Visits are based on car count, which could mean a monthly visit for sites with higher counts. Also, keeping things organized, clean and professional at all our customer locations is part of our role.”

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