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Treating Customers' Cars Like His Own

Jason Sunahara credits his entry into the carwash business, in part, to his neighbor. “Gene Miller owned 16 self-serve carwashes in the Denver metro area,” he recalls. “I had talked to him growing up, and my father, Jack Sunahara, and I had decided it was something we wanted to do. We bought land in 2002 and started looking for equipment suppliers. That’s when we first connected with Mark VII.” Read more.


Protecting Your Investment

One of our goals at Mark VII is to help ensure carwash owners see Mark VII service technicians as seldom as possible—aside from routine maintenance. With that said, it’s also important to have a good relationship with your technicians for those times when their services are needed.

David Pelaez, western regional service leader for Mark VII and a 10- year carwash service veteran, has a few simple suggestions to minimize service calls and help resolve issues more quickly when they arise. Read more.



Dependability Key to Mark VII Selection

“It was all about the durability and the setup of the machine.” That’s Harold Miller, operations manager for Car Nation Canada Direct in Burlington, Ontario, talking about his decision to purchase a Mark VII Softwash DF for the dealership. Read more.




Mark VII Distributor Wins Workplace Award

With up to a third of our waking hours spent there, we would all love to enjoy both our work and our workplace. Apparently, Reliable Plus Car Wash Service employees do. The company was recently named one of Minnesota’s top 100 workplaces by Minnesota Business magazine. Read more.



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