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7 Reasons Why SmartCare Might Be the Best Car Wash in the World

7 Reasons Why SmartCare Might Be the Best Car Wash in the World

            It’s one thing to claim you’ve got the best car wash with the best clean. It’s another to deliver on this promise. That’s exactly what Mark VII is doing with its innovative, new SmartCare wash system, which made its debut at The Car Wash Show™ 2022 in Nashville.

            “This will be the perfect fit for our customers,” says Lee Norton, CEO of Mark VII. “SmartCare is a great option if you have a large wash volume, and your customers wash a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to trucks.”

            SmartCare takes the best car wash systems developed in Europe (thanks to Mark VII’s parent company WashTec AG of Germany) and adapts them to the unique needs of the North American market. The SmartCare wash experience offers:

  1. Bigger equipment to handle larger vehicles. Many car wash customers in North America drive big vehicles, including full-sized pickup trucks and large SUVs. “The best-selling cars in the United States are trucks, and these aren’t going away,” Norton says. “We designed the SmartCare system to be longer and wider to handle these larger vehicles easily.”
  2. More cleaning options. Whether customers want a touch-free wash, a soft touch wash, or a combination of the two, the SmartCare system makes it simple. “You can get twice the clean,” Norton says.
  3. Multi-flex brushes for a superior clean. When a vehicle pulls into a SmartCare wash, the machine measures the dimensions of the vehicle. This sophisticated system helps the wash adjust for fender flares and other vehicle features. SmartCare also includes a multi-flex feature to thoroughly clean tough-to-reach spots, like the back windows of SUVs. “When the brushes come around the back of the vehicle, SmartCare’s intelligent system tells the brushes to tilt at an angle that’s perfect for cleaning the tops of these windows,” Norton says.
  4. Precision chemical application. Not all areas of a vehicle need the same amount of chemicals to ensure a complete clean. “If you need ‘bug busters,’ SmartCare can apply more chemicals on the front of the car and the windshield,” Norton says. “This kind of precise application is environmentally friendly, plus it can help the car wash owner save money.”
  5. Reliability. SmartCare machines have been used successfully in Europe for more than two years. Each new Mark VII SmartCare machine, which is assembled in the United States, includes this reliable technology. Each unit is also thoroughly tested before it is shipped to the customer, Norton says.
  6. Affordability. Thanks to economies of scaleavailable through the Mark VII/WashTec global network, the SmartCare system can offer an affordable option to fit a range of budgets.
  7. Support after the sale. Mark VII started filling orders for SmartCare washes as soon as the technology debuted at The Car Wash Show™ 2022 in Nashville. Mark VII’s service technicians and distributors throughout North America are ready to serve SmartCare customers.  

The SmartCare system, already well proven in Europe, will enhance the Mark VII product line, Norton says. It’s not meant to replace existing Mark VII machines. It’s also the foundation for a new platform that will allow Mark VII to bring new products to market quickly.

 “SmartCare is the best car wash in the world, with the best clean,” Norton says. “We look forward to helping you determine the right Mark VII system with the right options to meet your specific needs.”