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Mark VII Virtual Southwest Carwash Convention


We welcome you to sign up for our individual classes by clicking the links below. If you would like to attend them all, please email us here, and we will get you signed up. The schedule will be as follows: 


June 3rd  - Main Events 

9:00am CST: Mark VII Factory Tour 

Mark VII manufactures hundreds of carwashes and their respective parts every year. Get the chance to see our factory and learn how the equipment comes together; from electrical panels and metal frame fabrication to final assembly. Ray Rook, VP of Supply Chain, will guide you through our process from start to finish. 

11:00am CST: Southwest Carwash Panel Discussion

Panelists Jason Sunhara (Santa Fe Suds Colorado), Frank Nuchereno (Hello! Deluxe Carwash Texas and Colorado), and Evo DeConcini (Hurricane and Dynamite Carwash Arizona) will talk about their best business practices and how they've navigated COVID-19 at their carwash sites.


Jason Sunahara, Santa Fe Suds Colorado

Frank Nuchereno, Hello! Deluxe Carwash Texas and Colorado

Evo DeConcini, Hurricane/Dynamite Carwash Arizona 


June 3rd - Discussion Table 

Discussion Table events are interactive discussions with our team members. Each Discussion Table will have no more than 12 attendees, so sign up quickly before space runs out! 

1:00pm CST: Marketing your Carwash for Increased Traffic

Marketing Director, Luke Schoenbeck, will moderate a group discussion on several marketing strategies that can increase carwash traffic at your site once states come out of their Shelter In Place orders. 

2:00pm CST: The Right Chemical Mix 

VP of Chemical, Kelly Maria will moderate a group discussion on selecting the best chemical mix for your carwash based on climate, type of equipment, and location.

3:00pm CST: Maximizing your Roll-over's Potential 

Mark VII Sales and Distribution Manager, Mike Reijonen, will moderate a group discussion on how to get maximize the efficiency of your roll-over while maintaining a high quality customer experience. 

4:00pm CST: Maximizing your Tunnel's Potential 

Mark VII Tunnel Manager, Pierre Yves Leclerq, will moderate a group discussion on tunnel best practices. Learn how to maximize your revenue and improve your customers' experience.