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Mike Jacques, Tunnel Sales Manager

Technology Evolution Leads to SoftLine2® Tunnel

While the act of cleaning a vehicle may seem straightforward, nothing could be further from the truth. Creating a machine to do the work of human hands, then adapting it to account for vehicles of every shape and size, calls for constant technical innovation.

Carwash evolution involves not only equipment design, but the continuous development of more effective cleaning materials and solutions. Both bristle brushes and cloth were effective, but could damage vehicle surfaces. As a result, manufacturers were compelled to find something that eliminated the shortcomings of bristle and cloth. Closed-cell foam was the answer.

This material is now used on all cleaning equipment, including wrap-around, side and top brushes. It does not absorb water and does not hold dirt and grit. It was so successful that the industry re-introduced the top brush. Top brushes could be easily balanced, and the light and forgiving touch of the foam eliminated damage concerns.

A second major development was the replacement of hydraulic systems with electric motors. Water-resistant motors controlled with variable frequency drive technology are extremely efficient. They are also safe, able to sense brush resistance and stall if brush pressure rises too high during the wash operation.

So, what happens when you combine these advances?

  • The innovation of closed-cell foam—gentle, quiet and very effective
  • The advent of electric drives using VFD technology, with the ability to sense the wash pressures on a vehicle
  • The ability to map or read the profile of each vehicle that comes into the wash, whether it be a small sedan or a full-size pickup truck
  • Intelligent controls that communicate to each piece of equipment, providing move-by-move commands to deliver unsurpassed accuracy
  • Finally, the ability to have all this technology follow a vehicle down the conveyor!

The result is Linear Technology, found only in our SoftLine2 Tunnel. Linear movement is created by the ability to provide back-to-front and side-to-side movement while maintaining longer contact with the vehicle, thoroughly addressing each and every vehicle surface.

Despite its impressive capabilities, the SoftLine2 is designed so the components are virtually maintenance free. Mark VII uses all sealed bearings, potted or water resistant electric motors designed for the carwash environment, and a robust framework with a unique, extremely resilient powder-coated finish.

We unveiled Linear Technology in our new SoftLine2 tunnel system at the ICA Show last April, and we continue to see tremendous interest in this equipment. It’s sure to be a game changer!