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Nilesh Bhadani explains how he is

Meeting the Demand for Quality

For a carwash owner, one of the keys to building business is providing a quality wash that keeps customers coming back—and recommending you to their friends. When that strategy succeeds, you also must have a machine that stands up to high volume use. For Nilesh Bhadani, that machine is the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT®.

Nilesh operates three Mark VII ChoiceWash XT systems at his Chevron stations in San Jose, California. He averages between 170 to 180 cars per day at his Coleman Landing location and has washed as many as 200 before.

“Our customers love the wash quality, and that’s why they will sit in line to use our wash,” Nilesh comments. “The high-pressure wash does a nice job.”

While wash quality was his number-one reason for selecting Mark VII for his first carwash, durability has also played a major role in his decisions to replace the original machine and add two more—including a brand-new machine in his Meridian Avenue location.

“We replaced the first Mark VII we installed in 2011 just last year after five years of service,” Nilesh notes. “I think we had about 187,000 washes on that one. And the service has been good when we need it. The machines absolutely have been a good investment for what they deliver.”