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One Good Wash Deserves Another

Two sites - zero competition.

When it comes to carwashes, in her corner of Thousand Oaks, California, Meenu Sandhu is her own toughest competitor. Meenu owns two gas station convenience stores literally across the street from each other in the Newbury Park neighborhood. One is a Chevron ExtraMile store and the other an Arco ampm. When she bought the stores in 2007, neither had a carwash.

“I built them as an additional profit center,” Meenu explains. “Originally, we had PDQ® touch-free washes in both of them. But I became acquainted with Mark VII when I met Craig Dawson. We went through all the options with Craig and felt the industry was moving toward softbrush washes. We thought it would be worthwhile for the customer to have the choice of touch-free or soft brush, and we were happy that ChoiceWash XT offered that choice.”

The first ChoiceWash XT was installed in the ExtraMile location in 2016. “It took time to get the specifications modified to fit our bay,” Meenu recalls. “The wash quality was excellent, and our customers noticed. That’s why we decided to install another ChoiceWash XT.”

That second unit went into the ampm location in 2018. “Even though the PDQ unit in there was relatively new, we weren’t happy with it,” Meenu states. “We took the business loss in order to put the ChoiceWash XT in.”

Depending on the season, from 70 to 120 cars pass through each of the two carwashes daily. The ChoiceWash XT units have delivered clean cars and durability.

“Reliability is the most important quality we were looking for in a carwash, and the ChoiceWash XT has proven to be excellent in terms of maintenance and reliability,” Meenu says. “The service is also excellent. I have been very impressed with our salesperson and his integrity. He is always available, and the way he takes care of his customers speaks volumes about him and Mark VII.”

Meenu believes the wash quality and choice offered by the ChoiceWash XT sets her carwashes apart and keeps customers coming back.

“I would not hesitate to recommend the ChoiceWash XT, and in fact I have recommended it to a colleague who did install one,” Meenu concludes. “We have a lot of competition here, but I am the busiest!”

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