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Randy Wingert can help you

Set Yourself Apart with ShineTecs

What is one of the top goals of every carwash operator in America? To differentiate himself from the competition. Giving customers a reason to choose your wash over the operator down the street is a key to repeat business and customer loyalty.

I can immediately think of two perfect examples to illustrate this concept— both from Mark VII. The first is our ChoiceWash XT®. We are the only manufacturer in the U.S. offering one piece of equipment that can deliver either a touchless or a softtouch wash. Customers love having the option, and the success of the ChoiceWash XT indicates that the power to choose is helping carwash owners set their business apart from their competitors.

My second example is ShineTecs®. First, it’s a product that transforms an up-sell feature that was all show—tri-color foam—into something that delivers a tangible benefit to the customer. The handwax- quality shine of ShineTecs Tri-Foam provides a double benefit. Not only does it increase your ticket average as customers choose the premium wash option, ShineTecs also differentiates your carwash from others in a very visible way. Cars simply look better longer.

We were at a carwash recently that was using a bargain brand. After we switched the wash to ShineTecs, customers could see an immediate difference. ShineTecs creates a noticeably better customer experience—one that no other tri-foam on the market can duplicate.

Set yourself apart from your competition. Give your customers the ShineTecs experience.

Randy Wingert is the Mark VII Chemical Business Unit Manager.

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