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Randy Wingert, Chemical Business Unit Manager

Let ShineTecs® Tri-Foam Light Up Your Profits

When we developed our new ShineTecs Tri-Foam chemical, our goal was to transform a proven up-sell feature that was all show, but no substance, by adding tangible value that customers continue to see after they leave the carwash. Based on customer feedback, we achieved our objective. No other chemical on the market provides a hand-wax-quality shine equal to ShineTecs Tri-Foam in an automatic carwash. And it can deliver that added value via any triple foam application system.

But offering your customers ShineTecs Tri-Foam is only part of the story. For you to get the maximum benefit from ShineTecs technology, it must be integrated into a best-in-class site marketing package that drives growth and makes more money for you. ShineTecs Tri-Foam should become the “hero” of your top package because of the outstanding shine it produces on the vehicle of every customer who upgrades.

To help differentiate your carwash from your competition, we’re introducing this 18” x 23.5” backlit/animated sign that features colorful ShineTecs Tri-Foam branding to deliver high-quality consumer impressions. Contact your Mark VII representative to learn how it can be integrated into your site marketing and drive upgrades at the point of sale to boost your profit and delight your customers.