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Randy Wingert shows you how to

Maximize Your Investment with Total Carwash Care

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Sometimes, the best way to make a point is by creating a hypothetical situation. Let’s say you’re going to buy a high-performance car—say a Maserati or Ferrari. Not a small investment. The salesperson gives you a price, and explains that you’ll also need an annual maintenance plan. The manufacturer’s plan is guaranteed to significantly improve performance and extend the life of your vehicle. In contrast, after market plans are available for less—which is exactly what you’ll receive in performance. What do you choose?

Chances are, you’re going with the plan that lets you get the most out of your auto investment. Why wouldn’t you make the same decision when purchasing a new carwash? At Mark VII, we see our Total Carwash Care® program not only as an aftermarket option, but as an essential part or your purchase—and the best way to maximize your carwash investment.

What is Total Carwash Care?

Total Carwash Care equals end-to-end support—and the best way to get the most revenue from your Mark VII carwash. From marketing to chemicals to scheduled maintenance, Total Carwash Care works to increase business volume while delivering the best possible carwash quality. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the program. It all begins with our chemical system, specifically designed to optimize the performance and wash quality your Mark VII carwash will deliver. Our team will dial in your system to match the cleaning of your customer base. We’ll also design a chemical purchase and delivery system customized to yourneeds.

Next comes the grand opening, a fully coordinated launch program to let everyone know that something new and exciting is going on at your carwash. We follow that up with site marketing—at the entrance, in the store, at the pump and surrounding the carwash—designed to capture attention, and convert fuel and convenience store buyers into carwash customers.

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Total Carwash Care includes regular carwash tune ups performed by our factory-trained technicians. This ensures the best cleaning results and keeps your machine up and running. Finally, we provide both quarterly and annual analyses of your carwash. This helps us address any issues while monitoring system performance, resulting in higher customer retention and increased profits.

Total Carwash Care is the best way to drive the growth of your carwash. That’s why we recommend it with every Mark VII carwash we sell. Contact your local Mark VII rep to put the Total Carwash Care program to work at your carwash.

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