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SoftLine2 Sets Carwash Apart

SoftLine2 Sets Carwash Apart

When Frank Nuchereno was thinking about getting into the carwash business, he was looking for a way to stand out.

“I was worried about getting into a commodity business, so I started looking for ways that could differentiate us from everybody else,” Frank recalls. “I was really pleased when I saw the Mark VII equipment. I could see that it was really different, and that got me moving in the right direction.”

Frank had worked in the apartment business, the hotel industry and residential land development for many years. In 2008, he wanted to get into an income-producing business. “I went to a number of conventions, and the carwash people were just the nicest people I met,” he says.

In November 2018, his research and planning came to fruition with the opening of his first Hello! Deluxe Carwash in Garland, Texas, featuring the first SoftLine2® tunnel in the United States. Frank’s goal is to give his customers a unique experience, and the SoftLine2 is definitely a part of that.

“We want to treat our carwash customers like we would treat our hotel guests, offering them something truly different,” Frank says. That’s immediately apparent from the exterior appearance of the building. They utilize ticket writers and video display boards to greet customers. “We either have a food truck onsite or we’re cooking hot dogs,” Frank adds. “And having events for community groups is a major emphasis for us.”

First time for everything

Frank points out that not only was the SoftLine2 a first, but there were several other components of the wash — such as the water reclamation system — that had to be integrated with the Mark VII equipment. “We had new technology and five or six parties involved who had never worked together,” Frank notes. “WashTec sent a team of their best people here to ensure everything worked together.

“Today, the carwash is running beautifully,” he continues, “and anyone who goes through the wash – particularly our competitors – is really impressed. We can run 130 cars an hour through and do a very, very good job. I know our equipment works much better than any other carwash.” Obviously, Frank’s concept is working. Three new Hello! Carwash locations are under construction this year — two in the Dallas area and one in Denver, Colorado. All will feature SoftLine tunnel systems.

“The key ingredient for me? Mark VII, with the SoftLine2, has the best equipment and the greatest service with a really dedicated group of people,” Frank concludes.

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