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Steve Brunk knows

One Great Wash Deserves Another

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Folks get into the carwash business for many reasons. For Steve Brunk, a carwash came to him as part of a package deal.

“I own a Minuteman Press franchise here in Vero Beach, and I was looking for a new location with 10,000 square feet of warehouse space,” he recalls. “My real estate agent called and said, ‘I’ve got the perfect place for you, but there’s one catch. It comes with a carwash.’ And that’s how I got into the carwash business.”

Steve inherited the Spinnaker Suds-N-Shine, which consisted of four self-serve bays and two automatic touchless units. “I spent the first two years painting and fixing things. I learned a lot,” he says. “Service was performed by a guy in a van or a pickup truck. But I didn’t know there was something better out there. Then one day, Steve Collins from Mark VII pulls in. Eventually, I pulled the trigger on a blue Softwash XT®.”

From day one, the new carwash made a noticeable difference in customer behavior. “The installation went so smoothly,” Steve notes. “We got that blue one installed in December of 2017, and it just took off. They’re driving by the touchless and all going to the SoftWash XT. So, I called Steve and said, ‘If you can get another machine in before the end of January, I’ll put one in.’ Otherwise, I was going to wait until fall, because we’re seasonal here.”

The Mark VII team got the job done, installing a new red ChoiceWash XT®. “Now I have a blue bay and a red bay, bright colors everywhere, lots of signage, including emojis, and it looks sharp,” Steve says. “My big thing is keeping everything clean and working well. With the new wash, there is literally a line of people waiting to use it. They even come from neighboring towns.”

Steve markets the wash aggressively and uses carwash coupons as a reward for his Minuteman customers. “It’s like I’ve given them a bar of gold,” he says. “Since we’re in the printing business, I use signage heavily to promote ShineTecs and encourage patrons to upgrade their wash. The promotion and the quality of the finish works, because about 65% of our customers choose our $14 top wash.”

From his work in the printing business, Steve knows quality equipment, and he likes what he’s seen from Mark VII. “I work with Heidelberg presses, and I appreciate German engineering,” he says. “That’s the quality I see in Mark VII. They are so professional, the equipment is so well-designed and built. When a wash is down, you’re losing money. The only time the blue machine has gone down was when the weather got cold here and the freeze protection system kicked in—and that’s a good thing.

“The best thing I did was go with Mark VII,” he concludes. “I’ve cut my water use in half, cut back on my soap and seen my wash volume go from 100 cars a day to 200. They’ve produced a machine that does a great job cleaning. My customers want to get in, get out and get a great wash—and that’s what we give them.”

Watch how Steve transformed his carwash business!

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