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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

Having visited roughly 5,000 convenience stores annually working for Nabisco® and Keebler,® Alan Hoambrecker was convinced he could “build a better widget.” And he did, building two convenience stores of his own design in the Kansas City area. But from the day “The Station” store in Parkville opened in 2010, there was one thing that was less than perfect.

“From the beginning I was always disappointed with the carwash,” Alan relates. “All we had was a brushless unit and the wash quality wasn’t good. It seemed that we were constantly giving people their money back. So, I began looking around to see what other carwashes were like out there.


“Service after the sale is important to me,” he continues. “I knew I’d get good service from Double Check. I’d also met Rob (Raskell), the Mark VII rep, and I just felt very comfortable and confident that the carwash was as good as they said it was. So, I pulled the trigger and went with the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT®. That lets us give the customer the option to choose touch or touch-free.”

Fitting two ChoiceWash XT units into the existing bays proved challenging, but the installation crew got the job done. “I’ve been very pleased with the ChoiceWash,” Alan says.

“The wash quality is very good. We were always cheaper than I wanted to be, but now we’ve raised the price of our top wash from $9 to $14 and business has increased.”

In fact, Alan ran some numbers to see just how good business was. “I took a look at what we were averaging per day now compared to what we’d done in the past,” he says. “The numbers are already better than they ever were before, and we did more than $12,000 of business in December. We’ve never done that before.”

The results have convinced Alan to install two more ChoiceWash XT units in a third store planned for 2019. “We’ve had no complaints and, trust me, that was not the case in the past,” he sums up.

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