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The Seller Became a Buyer

The Seller Became a Buyer

As a commercial real estate broker who specializes in buying and selling carwashes across the state of Texas, Elliot Silverstone has seen a lot of nice properties. Ten years ago, he saw one he really liked and bought it.

“I’d always been interested in owning a carwash,” he says. “I bought the Squeeky Clean Carwash and it’s been a good experience ever since.” The carwash, located in Austin, Texas, has seven self-serve and one automatic bay. Since buying Squeeky Clean, Elliot has purchased a second carwash in San Antonio.

His relationship with Mark VII began when he was looking to replace a touchless machine from another manufacturer. “I shopped around and talked to other owners,” Elliot says.

“Since there are quite a few of them out there, it was easy for me to go and watch them work. It seemed to me that Mark VII had by far the most dependable carwash, and dependability is the most important thing to me. Downtime hurts your revenue and runs off customers.”

Elliot settled on a Softwash XT®, which was installed in January of this year. To him, having a good support team is almost as important as having quality, reliable equipment.

“Mark VII has a good team, and that’s important to me,” Elliot states. “I’m not technically advanced like a lot of owners in the carwash business, and I’m not onsite often, so I rely on others to help me. Installation was a great experience. The crew just came in and did a wonderful job. With my previous unit, that wasn’t the case. Ronnie Donovan, Mark VII’s service manager, and Shannon Dubois, their chemical expert, have also been extremely helpful. And, of course, I’ve been blessed with a couple of good employees.”

As to dependability, Elliot’s most important criterion, he has not been disappointed. “We’ve been very pleased,” he says. “It’s been very reliable. Their chemical program is very good, and the cars come out clean and shiny. I recommended Mark VII to a good friend in Houston, and now he has two machines and is very happy with them. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the Softwash two years ago.”

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