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Tom Medicott knows there's

No Pre-wash Needed

“The machine was nickel and diming us to death. Generally speaking, we were not happy with the way it performed from day one.”

That’s Tom Medlicott, service manager for Victoria Star Motors in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, describing the carwash from another manufacturer installed at the dealership six years ago. “Basically, we had gotten to the point that we were hand-washing the cars before we sent them through the wash in order to get them clean enough,” Tom elaborates. That situation changed when they purchased a Mark VII SoftWash DF®.

“We were looking for a machine that would deliver a superior wash while, at the same time, being much more reliable,” Tom relates. “We did a lot of searching and checked out many different machines. We saw the SoftWash DF at another dealership down the street from us. We were quite impressed with the wash quality, the cycle time and the fact that it offered many different programming options.”

The new system was installed early in 2018, and the service staff has been pleased with the results. With a goal of washing every car that comes in for service, the service department sends 50-60 cars through the wash each day.

“The SoftWash DF is exceeding our expectations,” Tom states. “I have my guys clean the interior and some of the tough spots that any machine would have a hard time with—like under the lip of a rear spoiler—and the machine does a very good job with the rest.

“I was also quite happy with our sales representative, Matthew Lapolice, and the way he worked with us,” he adds. “Matthew has been very supportive through the entire process.”

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