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Warding off Winter's Woes

Keep your wash safe this winter

Winter can mean one thing to a carwash operator in Austin, Texas, and something entirely different  to an owner in Austin, Minnesota. For those of you operating in the colder climates, there are a few service areas that require attention to prevent potentially costly problems when winter gets serious.

Freeze-ups are the single biggest issue we see in our winter service calls. In addition to lost revenue, freeze-ups can cause thousands of dollars of equipment damage.

The first step to avoid freeze damage is to schedule preventive maintenance on your bay door and bay heater. This is typically conducted by the door company you’ve used to equip your carwash. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not too late. The worst of winter is still likely ahead of us.

Next, it’s important to verify that the freeze protection is operational on the car wash itself. Customers can check the freeze protection themselves or contact a Mark VII service representative. Faulty doors, heaters and freeze protection are the three major causes of freeze damage.

In addition to verifying the doors are not stuck to the ground, also make sure the doors are not stuck open.

Check your entrance and exit heat mats or boiler heat to ensure they are working to prevent ice buildup. Problems here can create a safety issue for those on foot, and also increase the likelihood of a vehicle sliding into a door or building.

Perform a daily test wash, preferably early in the day. Typically, drivers will be especially concerned about removing the salt or magnesium chloride used for ice control from the underside of their cars, so pay particular attention to the operation of the underbody wash.

Finally, for those of you who have a door interface in the office or store, make sure you’re paying attention to those doors. Some of those doors are alarmed to indicate a drop in temperature, so monitor those alarms.

These simple steps will help keep your carwash running smoothly during the coldest months, ensure your customers have clean cars, and avoid costly repairs and downtime. If you are in need of service support, please contact us at (877) 627-5844 or

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