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Wash Quality Conquers Competition

A partnership you can count on.

When you invest in carwash equipment, you want a machine that will deliver a top-quality wash for years to come — a wash that stands up to the competition. For Mike Zarp, that machine has been the ChoiceWash XT®. Mike, who owns the Mr. Suds carwash in Upland, California, purchased his ChoiceWash XT in early 2017. He liked his decision then and likes it even more today.

“Our car volume went up dramatically after we installed the ChoiceWash XT, and it has continued to grow, ”Mike comments. “In fact, we had a brand-new Express Wash go in up the street recently and I was concerned our business was going to take a hit. It hasn’t affected us at all. People like the wash we give them and they just keep coming back.”

Mike has owned his carwash since 2002 and has always had Mark VII equipment. In addition to the automatic bay, he has six self-serve bays with a Mark VII JetWash system that was installed a year before the ChoiceWash XT. “The combination of those two systems has really been a nice upgrade,” Mike notes.

A full-time excavating contractor, Mike says being on the Mark VII chemical program is also a non-negotiable. “For me, that’s the only way to go with that type of equipment,” he notes. “You make a call and everything is taken care of. It has been an exceptionally reliable machine, and if I have an issue, they take care of it quickly.

“For me, the Mark VII equipment has been an excellent choice,” Mike summarizes. “I’m going on my 16th year in the business, and I feel they have the best technology out there in the rollover equipment — there’s no question.”

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