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We Don't Want to Miss a Thing: Customer Service Improvements

Customer Service Improvements

From phone systems to fast feedback and facility renovation, we’re making changes at Mark VII to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and we’re committed to constant improvement in that area. Let’s start with software. We’ve upgraded our computers to SAP business software and upgraded our phone systems, allowing us to monitor our customer service teams and ensure that calls do not go unanswered or fall into a dead space.

To further facilitate responsive communication with our customers, we’ve also reorganized our office space. Our dispatch, parts sales, order management, production planning and purchasing teams all occupy the same room in our customer support center. So, when a customer calls someone in any one of those areas, if that person doesn’t know the answer, someone who does is likely right there in the room.

We will be installing large monitors in that room to constantly update the teams on the key performance indicators (KPI) important to our customers. Our job is to build and maintain carwashes, so those KPIs would include, for example, missed calls and the status of down machines. 

Measuring our service effectiveness in realtime is another new initiative. We are now sending customers who have had contact with the parts team immediate surveys asking them how their experience was that day. That decision has quickly yielded positive results. We’ve received constructive criticism, which in many cases led to comparatively easy fixes. We simply didn’t realize how we were letting somebody down.

The feedback has also been motivating for our team, even when it’s negative. Our people have taken personal ownership of the issues, and I can see them striving to improve.

Obviously, we design our carwashes for dependable, trouble-free operation. When you do need to contact us, however, we want that experience to be a positive one. To make that first step an easy one, at the right is the contact information for our key teams.

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