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Customer benefit is our #1 goal. We're constantly working on new products and ways to enhance our current systems. All with a focus on maximizing revenue, reducing operating costs, increasing reliability, and making more money for you.

SoftLine²® tunnel

    • Maximum flexibility to create the optimum configuration for your site’s available space, expected wash volume and business model.
    • Linear Technology and contour-following provide unparalleled cleaning quality, especially on the front and back of the car.
    • Clear differentiation that distances you from your competition.

    ShineTecs® Tri-Foam

    • Hand wax quality shine in a fraction of the time.
    • New orange, green and purple colors wow customers.
    • Shine polymers instantly clarify the paint finish.
    • Foam brushes buff it in.


    • New design for ChoiceWash XT, SoftWash XT and AquaJet XT.
    • Programmable LED lighting provides dramatic show.
    • Customizable with your branding.

    Mark VII Plus

    • Multi-site, cloud-based remote monitoring.
    • Allows service technicians to maximize your uptime.
    • Provides you data you need to grow your business.
    • Accessible via computers and mobile devices.

    Chemical Injection System and On-Board Presoak Heater

    • More consistent application of chemicals.
    • Improved control over chemical consumption and cost.
    • Greater reliability.


    • Applies thick curtain of any foaming chemical.
    • Bright multi-color LED light show wows customers.
    • Great up-sell feature for your top wash package.
    • Available for ChoiceWash XT, SoftWash XT and AquaJet XT.