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Tunnel car wash systems and express car washes. Our SoftLine®!

Highly configurable.
Built for volume.

Intelligently designed tunnel solutions to satisfy any requirement whether it be a 50' mini tunnel to a fully loaded Express tunnel we can provide the solution to optimize your throughput and your profits.

SoftLine: workhorse configurable for express, full-serve and flex-serve formats.

Tunnels are all about volume, and you don't make money when your equipment is down.  Your gear needs to be high quality, simple to maintain, and provide high quality cleaning results. SoftLine components meet these criteria for tunnels of all sizes and business formats.



  • Simple, reliable conveyor systems to keep you up and running.
  • High pressure arch with turbo technology eliminates prep labor.
  • Large diameter wheel/sill brush thoroughly addresses wheels and rocker panels.
  • Brush station can be configured with 3, 5 or 7 brushes to match your needs.
  • Single and dual manifold low pressure arches for flexible chemical application.
  • Dryer arches with 10 or 15hp blowers configurable to your specifications.


  • Choose from a variety of entry/payment/activation systems and controllers.
  • Low pressure applications for pre-soak, brush shampoo, wheel cleaner, triple foam, "rain" rinsing, wax, body protectant and spot free rinse.
  • Merchandising signs and arches to reinforce your up-sell features.
  • Traffic lights, collision prevention systems, and all the other ancillary products needed to support your equipment.