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Car wash business plans

We know how to set your carwash up right.

Your Mark VII advisor will find the perfect combination of equipment and chemicals to maximize your revenue for your carwash business. Based on the Mark VII 4Dimension principles for success—speed, quality, convenience and look and feel—we will discuss your needs, and analyze your business model and location to provide you with the optimized combination of equipment and chemicals.


Your site is the key to your success.

We conduct a thorough site inspection to assess the its potential and facilitate your decision-making process. We also evaluate your local market area and competition to identify opportunities to differentiation your business. Our #1 goal is customer benefit, and this ensures your site, bay and equipment selections are optimized to maximize your revenue and profit.

Getting the configuration just right.

Mark VII offers car wash systems to suit every need and every budget. Our people support you during the selection process with their technical and business know-how – from defining the system configuration, to evaluating alternative maintenance and chemical options, to helping you develop a pro forma for your business. All with the goal of achieving maximum return on your investment.

The Mark VII end-to-end concept.

We focus on your specific needs. This starts with the planning and purchase of your system. And applies throughout the operating life of your investment. We want to ensure all the relevant variables are considered before you make your decisions.

Then we install your equipment selection. During the commissioning check, the system is adjusted to the specific local conditions to optimize washing results. We titrate your chemicals to address local cleaning challenges, always with an eye to safety and environmental standards. Then we assist you with your efforts to acquire and retain customers.

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