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A Clean, Perfect Dry with AquaDri®

With every car wash comes a point where the car needs drying. At Mark VII Equipment, we offer three dryers that are engineered for optimal results.  With AquaDri®, you can select the dryer that fits your space, budget, and desired results.

Dryers are an important aspect of the car wash process. It helps remove any excess moisture which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of dirtying the vehicle again right after the wash. With an automated dryer, you can also save on time and costs without having to worry about manual dryers with towels, if applicable. Customers will also enjoy the convenience of not having to worry about drying their cars themselves, waiting for a manual towel dry, and any potential damages that come from hands on the car.

Freestanding Dryers

The AquaDri® FS-Series is designed to thoroughly shed water from the vehicle after a wash. With adjustable nozzles to find the best angles for car wash, you can promise your customers the ultimate dry! The FS-series has options ranging between 30-60 HP to match your needs!

On-Board Static Dryers

With an AquaDri® E-Series, customers don’t have to worry about driving through a dryer. Instead, let the dryers come to them! These dryers move back and forth on a stationary vehicle while the nozzles adjust to blow water from the top and sides. These dryers come in a 30 or 40 HP configuration.

On-Board Contouring Dryers

Exclusively designed for Mark VII rollovers, this sleek dryer is a perfect solution for a one-stop car wash. The AquaDri® C-15 is a contouring dryer integrated in the gantry of your car wash. With two 7.5 HP motors producing over 140 MPH, these nozzles will provide an amazing dry.

With our dryers, customers will notice quality drying experience at lower sound levels. And with our service plans, we can help you every step of the way. Want to learn more about our dryers? Contact us here.