Mark VII Video Gallery

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In-Bay Automatics

ChoiceWash XT

Watch the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT in action. The machine that gives your customers the option of a soft-touch or touch-free wash.

SoftWash XT

Watch the SoftWash XT in action. This machine is perfect for those who want to maximize their upsell options. With our patented SofTecs foam brush system, this is a wash where you'll hear and feel the difference.

AquaJet XT

Learn about the AquaJet XT, Mark VII's touch-free wash system that doesn't compromise cleaning quality, using as little as 23 gallons of water.

Tunnel Systems

SoftLine1 Tunnel

Looking to handle large volumes of express washing? Meet our SoftLine1 Tunnel, designed for optimizing throughput and profit, totally customizable.

SoftLine2 Tunnel

German engineered, the SoftLine2 Tunnel has a modular concept which allows you to find the perfect solution for your particular car wash requirements.

SoftLine Drive-Thru

Built for the dealer fleet, if you'd like to wash a car every 45-seconds, increase your CSI score and have happier customers, you've come to the right place. The Softline Drive-Thru is an efficient, robust, and easy-to-maintain machine.

Customer Testimonials

Hello! Deluxe Car Wash II

Featuring the Mark VII SoftLine1 Tunnel, The Hello! Deluxe Car Wash team opened their second location in Texas. Watch the full video to learn why choosing Mark VII was an easy decision for the Frank and his team.

Auto Spa Yakima

Auto Spa, located in Yakima Valley, Washington, has a combination of the Mark VII ChoiceWash XT in one bay and the SoftLine1 Tunnel in another, allowing for Clean, Dry and Shiny cars 24 hours a day.

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Mark VII and Seelye Ford Dealership of Kalamazoo

Setting the standard for dealerships everywhere, Seelye Ford of Kalamazoo, Michigan stands above the rest with the Mark VII SoftLine Drive-Thru Tunnel. Watch the full video to learn how Mark VII equipment creates happy customers for your business.