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WTMVII Cleaning Technologies Canada, Inc.

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Auto Dealers

Clean Cars.
Happy Customers.

Clean cars sell. They also influence customers’ opinions of your service department. No longer are dealership car washes an afterthought, especially if you want to outshine the competition.

If you’re thinking about adding carwash equipment to your dealership, here are 5 advantages to consider:

1. Make a good first impression. It’s easier to sell new cars and used vehicles when your inventory looks its best. Anyone who’s in the market for a vehicle wants one that’s well maintained. Clean vehicles instill confidence in your customers and prospects.

2. Create profit center. Think of how many vehicles you deal with a year, including:

  • Vehicles that customers bring in for service work
  • New vehicles delivered via transport
  • Trade-ins
  • Rentals
  • Courtesy loaners
  • Demos
  • Inventory rotation

Owning an automatic carwash system can pay off faster than you realize. Switching from hand washing to an in-bay automatic can cut your operational costs, manage your environmental impact (an efficient, automated carwash can take as little as 14 gallons of water) and increase the number of vehicles you wash every day. Not to mention, a touch-free system never takes a day off or scratches a customer’s car! It’s not unusual for our customers to report double-digit percentage growth in profitability when they select the right carwash.

3. Boost your CSI score. Every dealership is looking for ways to lift their Customer Service Index (CSI) score. Innovative car dealers keep raising the bar higher. Providing customers with a high-quality, quick, hassle-free carwash goes a long way towards raising your CSI score.

4. Attract a steady stream of visitors to your car lot and into your showroom. If your car wash is open to the public, more people will be driving through your car lot each month to go through the car wash. This puts your business in front of more potential customers.

5. Keep customers coming back. A carwash system is a huge value-added benefit that delights customers, helps preserve their vehicle and inspires loyalty.

Discover the Mark VII Difference

While an automatic carwash system at your dealership provides tremendous value for your business and your customers, you can’t just install any carwash. Partnering with a reliable, reputable carwash equipment supplier is the key to success.

We understand that speed, space and safety are non-negotiables for any auto dealership’s carwash system. An automatic carwash from Mark VII provides the efficiency, productivity and consistently clean vehicles you’re looking for.

Our Softwash DF® and SoftLine Drive Thru® are designed for trouble-free operation, with low-maintenance dosing pumps, stainless-steel doors and non-permeable foam brushes to prevent surface scratches. Our SoftLine Drive Thru® provides the quick throughput auto dealers need. In fact, the SoftLine Drive Thru® can provide a consistently clean car every 45 seconds.

Our Softwash DF® and SoftLine Drive Thru® systems are also designed with your space considerations in mind, plus they’re engineered to meet the unique needs of auto dealerships.

When you work with Mark VII, our team will support you through the entire process, from planning and site preparation to installation to service after the sale. When you need preventative maintenance or machine repairs, our factory-trained technicians provide fast, responsive support.

More advantages of Mark VII carwash systems:

  • Increased efficiency, reliability and consistency, compared to hand washing.
  • German engineering, American manufacturing for all Mark VII car washing equipment. Mark VII soft-touch rollovers are the only systems manufactured in North America that are certified by the German Association of the Automotive Industry under its specification for safe car washing developed with Daimler, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and other car dealers.
  • Access to the same car-washing technology as the factories for BMW, Audi and other premium car dealer brands.
  • On-board chemical application systems to reduce space requirements.
  • On-board dryers available to reduce bay length.
  • Wash up to 120+ cars a day with our SoftWash DF and other in-bay automatic systems. 
  • High-volume capacity with our SoftLine Drive Thru. (You can regularly wash 480+ cars a day, 7 days a week.)
  • Equipment programming capabilities to run multiple wash packages on new cars, including a touch-free option with our ChoiceWash XT.
  • Reduced environmental impact and costs. Our equipment delivers an exceptionally clean vehicle using as little as 14 gallons of water, all while reducing chemical usage.
  • Complete sales support, from design and installation to chemicals.
  • Marketing initiative plans to increase customer satisfaction and boost your CSI score.

Pride of ownership is a big part of owning a vehicle. Drive customer satisfaction—and your dealership’s profit potential—with Mark VII’s proven solutions that provide a spotless, shiny vehicle every time.

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