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Our SoftLine® Drive Thru Tunnel

Workhorse for the Automotive Industry.

Increase throughput by washing a car every 45 seconds while minimizing costs with the new Mark VII Softline Drive-Thru Tunnel. This vigorous workhorse doesn't need a vacation.

SoftLine: workhorse configurable for express, full-serve and flex-serve formats.

The Softline Drive-Thru is an efficient, robust, and easy-to-maintain machine. This machine is built to last with over 5,500 lbs of power and stability. So, if you're a car dealer, rental facility, or service center looking to increase customer satisfaction while minimizing costs, you've come to the right place. 


  • All functions (pre-rinse, shampoo, rinse, RO) on one single frame making it compact and easier to fit in smaller spaces.
  • Our stainless steel brush station is cut from premium material for stability, durability and corrosion resistance.The powder-coated finishing is available in white, blue or red color options to best suit your brand.
  • Save money with the environmentally friendly electrical brush station, which consumes half the power of a hydraulic pump system. Each brush has its own inverter for a more precise adjustment of brush pressure on each vehicle. Plus no more risk of hydraulic leaks.
  • The quiet and gentle wash pressure of the top brush is controlled with a combination of pneumatic cylinders and a counterbalance system, making the brush simple yet effective on all vehicles.
  • A low-pressure pumping plant is included in the base package (pump, tank, stand - as seen below). The pump creates consistent water pressure for all applications, so you can eliminate the risk of poor wash quality in the case of water pressure drop.
  • Dual axel ball bearings and shock absorbers make the wrap-around brushes easy to maintain while keeping performance and functionality in mind.
  • Patented SofTecs brush material gently and quietly cleans, polishes, and protects your customer's vehicle.


  • Spot free rinse
    • Removes chlorine and minerals from water that cause spotting
  • Cooling spray
    • Recommended for locations in hot climates
    • Car is sprayed with coolant prior to chemical application to protect the vehicle's finish
  • Dryers
  • Minimum interior dimension of the carwash bay/building is 5'6 W and 12' H
  • 32' wash bay or 42' with dryers
  • 20' minimum before the bay for vehicle alignment distance
  • 15' minimum after the bay for complete clearance of wash equipment prior to exiting